Mentoring, consultation, tools, skillbuilding, assistance and sessions


Life skills mastery
Building loving relationship with self and others
Compassionate communication
Self inquiry tools
Ascension context
Energetic body relationships-Mental body, pain body, etc
Meditation, guided relaxation
Exercises, processes for uncovering and clearing core issues
Spiritual self understanding
Releasing emotional, etheric miasma, blocks
Focused session work with HGS
Identification of harmful practices, beliefs, constructs

You are always your own authority.  No process of guru models are used here.  All tools, information, reflection, session work sources from personal experience and is shared with the intent to assist with ones own sacred personal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth and consciousness evolution.  Always employ the tools of self inquiry, discernment, contemplation, heartfelt resonance, understanding, critical thinking and only takes what is useful now and leave the rest.


A space is offered from the heart for safe, sacred and honored service to others.


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